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SOLARWATT appoints partners for its expanded PV and energy storage business in UK and Ireland

Pol Spronck, SOLARWATT’s International Sales Manager announced partners in UK and Ireland.
SOLARWATT will work with BHC Distributors Ltd and BHC’s sister company Solar Power NI initially serving domestic and business customers in Northern Ireland. SPNI has built a strong reputation as a specialist professional installer of SOLARWATT dual-glass panels. BHC is a recognized SOLARWATT distributor, having installed 50 kW systems at five Charles Hurst vehicle dealerships in Northern Ireland and a further five Lookers sites in England.

Rising demand expected in Ireland

Solar Power NI and BHC Distributors are part of the McHenry Group, a family business established for 40 years in Ballycastle. BHC is also active in the Republic of Ireland where it will supply SOLARWATT PV modules, storage and intelligent energy systems. The Republic is expected to see a rise in demand for domestic and commercial renewable energy systems, encouraged by Government incentives, according to Pol Spronck, SOLARWATT`s International Sales Manager.

Partners benefit from training and certification

Spronck said: "We have been working with SPNI and BHC for a long time and now is the time to take our relationship to the next stage.” SOLARWATT partners benefit from training and certification, close communication, PR and marketing support and branding. (HCN)