SOLARWATT Experience

Your showroom on the road

With SOLARWATT Experience we provide you with a tool to help you make sales talks more convincing. Now you can practically always carry your "showroom" with you. The app displays all SOLARWATT core products and the most important sales arguments in a freely controllable 3D-environment and thus serves as an interactive presentation in your sales talks.

What can SOLARWATT Experience do?

SOLARWATT Experience enables you to present even complex questions in a way that is easy to understand. Whether your customers are more convinced by technical details, economic facts or appealing pictures, with SOLARWATT Experience you have all the answers in one app:

  •  With a 24h simulation, you can easily explain the function of every individual component and its interaction in the system.
  • The freely rotatable 3D-models of our products show a high degree of detail.
  • The most important sales arguments are supported by a large number of infographics, animations, videos and images.
  • An extensive collection of reference pictures shows how our products appear in real-life projects.
  • Get the latest data sheets directly in the app.


Where can I get the app?

SOLARWATT Experience is available for most important platforms, as an app for tablets with iOS / Android and as a Windows software for notebooks, monitors in showrooms or at trade fairs. Download the app for your Android Tablet, iOs version or Windows PC here.

Do I need an internet connection to use SOLARWATT Experience?

Internet access is not always guaranteed at the customer's site. That's why we designed SOLARWATT Experience to fully work offline. However, you will need internet access to update the app.

Regular updates make sense and are recommended since SOLARWATT Experience is constantly being further developed. Our goal is to integrate many other topics and features into the app.

* Installation Guide for Windows

  • Please save the msi file on your device.
  • Follow the instructions of the setup wizard during the installation process.
  • After successful installation you will find the app in the start menu.

If a Windows error message appear after the download due to "unknown resources", please click on "further information" and "run anyway".