Energy management

Turn your home into a smart home and use your self-produced solar energy efficiently! Optimize self-consumption with our energy management system.
Energy management with SOLARWATT EnergyManager
SOLARWATT EnergyManager as an example for an energy management system (ems)

Energy management

Energy management means to achieve the required performance with minimum energy consumption. It is used in many sectors of economy, but also in private households.

Energy management systems (ems) are technical and logistical facilities intelligently controlling the energy flows of a building.

What are the benefits of energy management?

According to a study by the German Energy Agency (dena), the topic of "saving electricity in the household" is of great importance to 70 % of consumers. Nevertheless, only less than half of the respondents gets active. The use of consumer electronics (approx. every second household is equipped with at least two PCs, laptops or similar devices) and the use of household appliances, such as dishwashers or washing machines, have a major influence on electricity consumption. An EMS provides the technology - hardware and software - to measure all the data, switch devices on and off when necessary and by this control the energy demands. 

Tasks of energy management

  • Efficient use of environmentally friendly and cost-effective solar energy 
  • Improvement of energy flows
  • Overview of the energy consumption of household appliances and large consumers
  • Overview of the power generation of the solar system
  • Reducing electricity costs and increasing independence from energy suppliers
  • Increased comfort and improved energy balance
  • Security of supply


Requirements for energy management systems

  • Intelligent control solving complex demand tasks
  • User-friendly equipment
  • Adaptation to user’s behaviour
  • Setting of automatic switches
  • Possibility to influence the control system

EnergyManager - Hardware and software for data control

Energy transition at home - reducing costs through energy management

The shift towards renewable energy sources is an important component of the world’s energy revolution. Politics are fundamentally responsible for its implementation. Nevertheless, every private operator of a photovoltaic system can create his own energy transition, reducing costs and saving money at the same time.

Clever integration of energy management systems into everyday life

In times of rising energy costs and decreasing feed-in tariffs, there is much to be said for implementing an energy management system. With the right system, you can optimize your own consumption and thus reduce energy costs. The more solar power you can consume yourself, the power you need to buy from the grid.

Software data is used for Energy Manager

Intelligent energy management

... includes the intelligent coordination of generated and consumed energy, based on actual demands. The data needed for the management decisions are directly raised from monitoring the PV system and the cosumers. The software was developed in-house.

Energy management with the SOLARWATT EnergyManager

In order to fulfill the requirements for your household, the appropriate energy management system must be chosen. With its EnergyManager, SOLARWATT offers an intelligent system constantly optimizing self-consumption in private households. If you need further information, get in contact with our support