Inverters are essential for the operation of a photovoltaic system: They convert direct current from the solar modules into alternating current that can be fed into the public mains network or consumed internally in the household. They are also responsible for the control of the mains feed-in and monitor the mains connection. Solar inverters are available in different versions - depending on the type of connected PV system, the number of connected modules or strings or equipment with or without transformer. 

Quality for versatile use

Reliability and durability of photovoltaic systems are a question of having high-quality, perfectly coordinated system components. 
For this reason, SOLARWATT offers systems inverters with a 7-year warranty with the following features:
  • German-made quality
  • Winner of multiple tests in photon comparison tests
  • (peak efficiency of 98.6% and European efficiency of up to 98.3%)
  • Highest efficiency and long service life
  • Compact design and low weight
  • Low housing temperatures, even at full load
  • Practically silent operation.

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