The ideal complement for your photovoltaic system – SOLARWATT components

Are photovoltaic systems always structured in the same way? In the past, they were. But today, there is a clear distinction between different solar modules, depending on the type of system installed. Since photovoltaic systems have long consisted of much more than just solar modules and inverters, they also differ with regard to the components that they contain.

If an electricity storage system is used, for example, the solar power produced should then be usable both day and night. A significant increase in internal consumption and an enduring reduction in energy costs are often decisive factors for acquiring such a system. If a heat pump is incorporated into the system instead of storage, the available solar power should be used for heating water. This also increases internal consumption with lower energy costs as a consequence. Adding an intelligent energy management system is another option to ensure that internal consumption is maximized. Such a system controls and optimizes the energy flows in the household, ensuring that as much free electricity can be consumed as possible.

SOLARWATT is offering you different components which you can easily integrate into your solar energy system, so that you can optimize internal consumption at all times while not neglecting to meet your own particular wishes and requirements.