Uncovering savings potential with the EnergyManager

  • SOLARWATT Complete System
  • 5 kWp glass-glass modules, EnergyManager, 6,6 kWh battery
  • Installation 2018 in Bavaria


The Maaß family had long been toying with the idea of switching to renewable energies for their home. SOLARWATT's complete packages were the decisive factor in finally putting this plan into practice. Besides the environmental aspect, it was an additional motivation for the Bavarian family to see that their PV system makes sense from an economic perspective. Furthermore, supplying an electric car in the future was already taken into account during the design phase. The 5 kWp PV system generated more than 2000 kWh of free, clean solar power in the first few months alone.

I look forward to every sunny day with my great system. On some days in February, we already achieved energy self-sufficiency.“, enthuses family father Maaß, who is also professionally involved with energy efficiency. He immediately found his way around the EnergyManager portal.

In the meantime, the family has developed a certain ambition regarding energy efficiency: „I can monitor all important figures, like electricity consumption. If you take a close look at it and can track precisely with the EnergyManager when the electricity demand in the household is greater than the generation on the roof, then you start to optimize“, says Werner Maaß. „We pay attention to when our household appliances are switched on and that we use as few consumers as possible in parallel, especially when we don't have to.

Above all, the longevity of the products and the long warranty periods convinced Werner Maaß of SOLARWATT. „An additional advantage of the SOLARWATT system for me is that I only have one contact for all components, who is then also based in my country.

With the complete solar system, the Maaß family realizes their own energy revolution and proudly tells friends and colleagues about it. In the sunny south, nothing stands in the way of energy self-sufficiency and a life almost completely without dirty conventional energy.

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