Step by step towards self-suffiency

  • Retrofitting an existing PV system with EnergyManager and MyReserve
  • Storage capacity of 4,8 kWh
  • Reduction of grid supply down to app. 15%

The three of the Keller family live in a single-family house in Brandenburg. In the summer of 2018, they installed the 100,000th home battery system in Germany. The family walked its way towards energy independence in several stages.

Step 1: Photovoltaic modules. After installing the PV system in 2017, the family was able to almost halve their electricity costs. At first this was still a bit complicated:

To optimize the system it a little, we then only operated the washing machine when there was sunshine. A strict household plan was posed for all the Kellers and it was adhered to. It worked. And then the nights where considered, when you also consume energy, especially with heating, and you must buy from the grid again.

Step 2: With installing the MyReserve battery system one year later, the share of grid electricity having to be purchased was significantly reduced once again. Now, the average grid consumption is only 10 to 15 %. It even drops to zero on some days, making the Keller family 100% self-sufficient. Since adding the EnergyManager to his solar system, René Keller has had a good overview of the electricity generated and consumed.

I am very happy the system is now running like this. It was installed in the last few days and now I am almost independent from the outside world, from our energy supplier. I didn’t have to buy any extra kilowatt hour today because my system runs everything so I can cover my demands myself. I was sick and tired of being dependent on energy suppliers. That's why we started with the photovoltaic system as a sortof entry-level and now also installed the appropriate home battery system.

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