Industrial-sized battery supplying assisted living complex

  • Low-energy house according to KfW 40+ standard
  • Glass-glass modules Vision high power (60 kWp)
  • MyReserve battery with 62 kWh capacity
  • Installation 2017, 2018
  • North Rhine-Westphalia

An apartment building complex, built by the Mittelberg architectural office, consists of several residential units for assisted living. The electricity produced on the roof is exclusively self-consumed and used by the tenants of the building. The house was built in several steps according to the KfW 40+ standard.

The Mittelberg architectural office solved these considerably high requirements with a 30 kWp PV system, a battery system and a tool for visualising yields. The first part of the building was completed in 2017.

30 kWp PV output on a limited roof area can be challenging. The powerful glass-glass modules Vision 60 M High Power solved this issue. These modules are particularly durable and hail-stable. They therefore come with a product and performance guarantee of 30 years.

The large PV system required a correspondingly large battery. With MyReserve, both performance and capacity can be extended. In 2017, three MyReserve Commands with four battery packs each, and a capacity of 11 kWh were installed.

Since the complex was extended by another building in 2018, the PV system has also grown in order to continuously supply all apartments with solar power. The result: a total PV output of 62 kWp and a battery capacity of around 60 kWh. With the PV system and a cogeneration unit, each of the 42 residential units are supplied with green and environmentally friendly solar power all year round.

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