Craft business Hülsmann:
Battery rises self-consumption of PV installation to 90 %

  • Retrofitting of a 28.8 kWp PV system with battery storage
  • MyReserve configuration: 5 Commands and 10 Packs with 4.4 kWh each
  • EnergyManager
  • Installed early 2018
  • North Rhine-Westphalia

Hermann Hülsmann, Managing Director of Hülsmann Elektro- und Kälteanlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG, already decided to install a photovoltaic system on the company building in 2010. The 28.8 kWp system's self-consumption rate of less than 30 % was not sufficient to operate it economically. Therefore, a battery storage system was to be built in 2017.

Managing Director Hermann Hülsmann: "We are a pure craft business and essentially need electricity for lighting, an air conditioning unit with connected heating, a few forklifts and an electric vehicle. Apart from that, we don't have a considerable high consumption."

The modular battery MyReserve was soon chosen. Due to the system’s ten strings, with two always connected in parallel, the final configuration of the modular battery system resulted in five MyReserve commands with two battery modules each.

This configuration still offers enough "room for improvement": Over the next few years, the company's car pool is to be expanded with additional electric vehicles. The company also plans to integrate its owncharging station in front of the building to fill the cars directly with green energy. The electric car currently in use is already powered exclusively by solar power.

"Our self-consumption should currently be just under 90%. Although we only used the battery during the winter months, I only need a small amount of power from the grid," Herrmann Hülsmann sums up with satisfaction shortly after the battery upgrade. The goal of bringing the self-consumption rate of solar energy into the economic range was more than achieved.

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