Storage systems are a central component for the shift of our energy supply towards renewable energies. A battery balances the fluctuating supply of renewable energy sources, such as sun or wind, and the individual power demand of the users. Batteries make it possible to use renewably sourced power when it is actually needed.

SOLARWATT, a premium manufacturer of photovoltaic systems, developed the world's first truly modular solar battery. The scalable solution is virtually limitless in terms of both capacity and performance. This results in an unprecedented degree of flexibility: it can be used in a single-family home, a craftsmen’s workshop, the service sector or even for industrial applications.

SOLARWATT MyReserve Product Features

One system, unlimited applications, extremely efficient:

  • MyReserve consists of just two components: the MyReserve Pack battery modules and the MyReserve Command control system. Each MyReserve Command can be combined with up to 5 MyReserve Packs, which equals a capacity of 12kWh and an output of 4kW. Configurations can start as small as 2.4 kWh. Should an end-customer need more capacity, they can expand their storage system with both MyReserve Packs and Commands at any time. The ability to customize the exact dimensions of the required system makesthis product even more economical. For every potential use case there is now a perfect tailor-made solution for efficiently used solar power from one’s own roof.
  • Easy installation, best service possible:
    The modular structure of the MyReserve battery minimizes required trainings for installers, since they will work with just the two building blocks. Each component is the size of a shoebox and weighs no more than 25 kg; a single installer can easily install this battery alone. The building block principle makes installation so easy that no special tools are required. Each component takes up minimum space, making it extremely easy to transport everything to the customers house.

    As home battery systems increase in popularity, serviceability will become more important. The modular approach of SOLARWATT helps in case of repair. A faulty battery module or Command block, can be exchanged in just a few steps, which saves both time and costs. Due to its special construction, it is not necessary to exchange the entire system.
  • High speed, high efficiency:
    Fast reaction speed and high efficiency are the basis for optimized self-consumption of self-generated solar power. SOLARWATT has developed an extremely fast sensor for the three-phase current, voltage and frequency metering to meet the high speed requirements of MyReserve’s power electronics. As a result, the battery reacts quickly to a change in power demand. The efficient battery management system ensures a system response of just 0.7 seconds. This is important because household appliances, such as coffee machines or induction ovens, can turn on and off within seconds. If the sensor does not react fast enough, most of the power demanded will not be supplied in time, which reduces the user's self-consumption of his solar power. The speed of the battery plays a key role in maximizing the portion of free solar power an owner can use in his own home.
  • Safety first:
    The SOLARWATT battery meets the highest safety requirements: like its predecessor models, MyReserve fully complies with the security guidelines for Li-ion home batteries. In addition, the system has been tested in accordance with the draft standard DIN EN 62619 and is certified for transport in accordance with UN38.3 for lithium-ion storage batteries. Accredited testing institutes have confirmed the safety of MyReserve. It is one of the first batteries to fulfill the new 2017 VDE application rule, VDE-AR 2510-50 “Safety requirements for stationary energy storage systems with lithium batteries”.
  • Existing installations easily retrofitted:
    The new MyReserve is ideal for retrofitting existing solar systems. No matter the given circumstances, the battery’s modular design allows it to be integrated easily with all existing PV installations – both indoors and outdoors. Unlike similar products, MyReserve is directly connected to the DC circuit between the PV system and the PV inverter. Since there is no direct connection to the inverter, the system works with most standard PV inverters. The battery imitating the performance curve of a solar module string and the inverter responding to it as such achieves this. Due to the optimally tuned DC technology, there are significantly lower energy conversion losses in the system.
  • Backup power functionality:
    Owners of a MyReserve battery can also use their solar power in the rare event of a power outage. For this purpose, the MyReserve Switch Box is integrated into the house network without having to modify the main power distribution. The Switch Box contains all the electronics to detect and bridge a power outage. When there is no power available from the grid, the switch box automatically supplies all phases. True to the modular principle of MyReserve, all batteries can be retrofitted with the emergency power option at any time.
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing, easy recycling:
    Over the course of its life cycle, the SOLARWATT MyReserve stores approximately ten times more clean energy than needed for its own production - a major plus for the environment. Due to the smaller size of the newest battery model, its life cycle assessment has also improved. SOLARWATT controls the entire production process of the battery: excepting battery cells, all components for MyReserve come from Germany. The systems are manufactured in Frechen and Dresden. In addition, the recycling at the end of MyReserve’s service life was already considered during product development, ensuring the components to easily be dismantled and without damage. A recycling rate of 86% for all parts produced by SOLARWATT is one of the highest in the industry.