SOLARWATT EnergyManager

the control center in a smart home

The energy revolution in Germany, for which 80 percent of the energy demand is to be generated from renewable energies by 2050, increases the demand for smart technologies. When developing intelligent systems, however, the focus should always be on the user - the solutions must integrate seamlessly into their everyday life. With the energy sector becoming more flexible towards non-traditional power sources, the end-user can use an energy management system to save on his energy bills.

The SOLARWATT EnergyManager is an intelligent control system for energy flows in the household. Its aim is to maximize private consumption of the electricity generated by the roof’s solar installation and thus reduce the energy costs of both private households and small businesses. Only when solar power is available, it will switch on household appliances and large-scale energy consumers. This ensures that only as little electricity as necessary has to be purchased from the grid operator and that the grid itself is also relieved. The main components of the SOLARWATT EnergyManager are the EnergyManager pro (hardware) and the EnergyManager portal (software). The open system platform works with devices of many different brands and is therefore suitable to retrofit an existing solar power system.

EnergyManager Product Features:

  • Measuring and Controlling Appliances – detecting the power guzzlers:
    The SOLARWATT EnergyManager monitors both the solar system and the energy flows in the household. These are visualized clearly allowing the user to see which devices are power guzzlers and where energy could be saved. With its smart software, the system ensures that when the solar modules produce lots of energy, individual electrical appliances can be switched on according to user-defined priorities. These include, for example, water heaters, heat pumps, and smart household appliances, such as tumble dryers or electric car wallboxes. The user can control all energy consumptions according to his individual needs.
  • Easy Monitoring – energy data accessible anywhere, anytime:
    The SOLARWATT EnergyManager portal visualizes collected data in easy-to-understand graphics. Users can access it anywhere and anytime via Internet with a PC, tablet, or smartphone. Thanks to SSL encryption (online banking standard), the data is absolutely secure.
  • Real-Time Data – no loading time, no delays:
    The SOLARWATT EnergyManager delivers data in real time and enables immediate measuring and switching of connected appliances without delay. This means more convenience for the user with fast availability of data (regardless of where they are), exact figures of current power production and the remote control of appliances.
  • Installer Center – remote system monitoring:
    The Installer Center is an interesting extension of the energy management system: with the customer’s consent installers can use this app to manage, monitor, and configure the installed EnergyManager. They can also see status messages of connected devices, such as inverters or batteries, via computer or tablet. This enables them to offer their customers fast and direct services, should their help be needed.
  • Ready for the future – integration of large-scale consumers:
    As the command center of the SOLARWATT solar system, the EnergyManager not only controls small household appliances, such as dehumidifiers or pool pumps, but also large-scale consumers, like heating rods, electric vehicles or heat pumps. With his solar system, the consumer not only becomes independent of his electricity supplier and saves money, but also contributes to the energy, transport and heating revolution. The decentralized solar energy system with the EnergyManager at its core shows today what the energy world of tomorrow will look like.

EnergyManager X and EnergyManager pro

SOLARWATT offers two versions of the EnergyManager: the EnergyManager pro and the EnergyManager X. The new EnergyManager X is a Plug & Play solution particularly suited for private households due to its extremely easy handling. It is no longer integrated in the switch cabinet and functions like a router that automatically detects all devices in a home network. In addition to the main box (Core) a satellite box will also be available for the EnergyManager X in 2020. Several of these satellites can be distributed throughout the house in order to connect an electrical appliance, e. g. a heat pump in the basement, to the EnergyManager without the need for wiring. The data transfer works with powerline and LAN. The EnergyManager X interface supports open type OCPP protocol among others. Late Retrofitting and integrating electric vehicles is therefore possible. Most common car wallboxes based on this standard can be coupled with the EnergyManager. The established EnergyManager pro, characterized by its particularly stable communication, remains as a "switch cabinet solution". It will be further developed focussing on commercial applications. Both versions of EnergyManager work with the same software.