Company Portrait

SOLARWATT – Photovoltaic Systems from One Source

The SOLARWATT business model is based on three pillars: producing energy, managing energy, and storing energy. The premium provider’s product portfolio includes extremely long-lasting solar modules, intelligent energy managers, and highly efficient batteries. These systems are used by private households and small businesses for decentralized energy supply. Stefan Quandt, who has been involved with the company since 1998, is the company’s main shareholder. Company leadership consists of Detlef Neuhaus (CEO) and Sven Böhm (CFO).

Extremely durable glass-glass modules as generators of PV electricity

SOLARWATT has more than 20 years’ experience producing solar modules, its first glass-glass module debuted in 1998. Thanks to their double layer of 2mm glass panes, SOLARWATT’s glass-glass modules are light, extremely resilient, and virtually indestructible. In accelerated aging tests such as the Damp Heat Test (DHT), glass-glass modules lose a mere 0.6 percent of their efficiency after 5,000 hours, whilst traditional glass-film modules can barely generate any electricity after the same test. The protective glass-glass lamination makes the modules extremely durable and resilient against both environmental elements and aggressive substances such as ammonia and salt. SOLARWATT offers the industry’s only 30-year product and performance guarantee on glass-glass modules in addition to comprehensive FullCoverage insurance for five years.

The intelligent SOLARWATT EnergyManager optimizes energy flow

The energy management system from SOLARWATT captures energy flows in the household and controls appliances in such a way that as much self-generated solar power is consumed in the home where it is produced. The EnergyManager is specifically tailored to the end customer: all data is easily displayed in the EnergyManager Portal. Once set up the system works automatically but can be controlled at any time via tablet, smartphone or PC. The energy management system can be adapted to the user’s unique needs and expanded at any time.

SOLARWATT MyReserve – the most efficient home battery in the world

In 2015, SOLARWATT presented its revolutionary MyReserve battery at the ees/Intersolar trade fair. It is compatible with all common PV inverters and can therefore be integrated into existing systems without additional conversion costs. The modular battery is based on lithium-ion technology and is installed on the DC side of the system directly between the PV-modules and the inverter. DC coupling and intelligent electronics result in an extraordinarily efficient system with very little conversion loss. Compact construction and modular design facilitate easy, speedy installation by just one person. The MyReserve fully complies with the safety guideline for Li-ion home battery systems, has been tested in accordance with the draft DIN EN 626192 standard and is certified for transport in accordance with the UN38.3 guideline for lithium-ion battery systems. In addition, MyReserve complies with the new VDE-AR 2510-50 rule and the safety of the battery has been confirmed by recognized testing institutes.

Shortly after it was introduced in 2017, the newest generation battery was awarded with the prestigious ees Award. This new system can be flexibly adapted to any power demand. It consists of just two basic components which can be combined to any capacity and performance level. It is now possible to create a tailor-made power storage solution for each customer. Whether it is a family home, a workshop, or an industrial enterprise, possible applications of MyReserve Matrix are almost limitless thanks to its consistent modularity. A customer can design his/herself the most cost-effective system possible – based on their individual capacity and performance needs.

Strengthening Innovation

The success of SOLARWATT batteries is in no small part due to the interdisciplinary know-how of its in-house experts. In April 2016, SOLARWATT acquired “e-Wolf”, a company based in Frechen, near Cologne, with specialties in battery hardware and software. A new technology centre, “SOLARWATT INNOVATION” was founded there employing specialists in battery research. With “e-Wolf’s” background, SOLARWATT has gained important expertise regarding charging and discharging from Formula 1 K.E.R.S. racing work done by e-Wolf. This helped the Dresden company extend its interdisciplinary team of experts and expand its innovation leadership in the field of electricity storage. Battery modules for the MyReserve battery are manufactured in Frechen. SOLARWATT INNOVATION is directed by Dr. Olaf Wollersheim and Dipl.-Ing. Walter Bornscheuer.

Strong partners and strong brands

A number of strong cooperative partners place their trust in the system competence of the Dresden solar pioneer. Since 2013, SOLARWATT has been cooperating with BMW i as part of the "360° Electric" program for low-emission and efficient electric mobility. In the autumn of 2015, an agreement with BOSCH was signed. Since then, heat pumps from BOSCH subsidiary, Junkers, have been included in SOLARWATT "Heat" Complete Packages. The solar company has also been cooperating with E.ON since 2016. They have jointly developed a proprietary electricity storage system: the E.ON AURA. E.ON was so impressed with SOLARWATT's know-how and capabilities that an agreement for exclusive development services and fixed product deliveries was reached. One year later, in 2017, SOLARWATT and Fronius started their international cooperation. The partnership includes a global sales cooperation, the reciprocal inclusion of each other’s product portfolios and joint research and development activities.

International focus

In addition to its home market of Germany, and servicing Austria and Switzerland, SOLARWATT is focusing on the international market through subsidiaries in France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, the UK, and Australia: in 2016, around half of the Group's sales were generated outside Germany. In order to further increase its profile, the SOLARWATT Group also relies on strong international cooperation partners with broad market access and a strong brand image.