Company history

(in millions of €)
Company established as Solar-Systeme GmbH

Development of initial module concepts for self-sufficiently supplying devices with energy.
1995 Mass production of small impact-resistant modules using cast resin technology for vending machines and emergency telephone points 0.6
Introduction of lamination technology
1998 Production of the industry's first glass-glass solar module 1.02 20

Launch of mass production for SOLARWATT standard modules with output up to 120 Wp

Construction of automatic string soldering machines Made by SOLARWATT

3.22 56
2001 Starting mass production of standard and customized modules 8.9 80
2002 Commissioning of two new production lines, 100th employee hired 16 101
2004 Commissioning of four new production lines, 200th employee hired 76 250
2005 Conversion to a public company (AG)

Production of the 500,000th solar module in August 2005
109 376
2006 Commissioning of an additional production hall with four production lines

Production of standard and custom solar modules with up to 320 Wp output
145 382
2007 Relocation to new administrative building, commissioning of four new production lines and expansion of production capacity to 100 MWp 202.8 461
2009 Investment in a fully automatic production line for an additional capacity of 150 MWp 295 430
2010 Commissioning of Europe's most advanced solar module production and logistics center in June 2010 325 480
2011 Detlef Neuhaus appointed as Chief Sales Officer (CSO), new strategic orientation as supplier of complete kits and energy management systems

Start of the MULTI-WATT OFFENSIVE for installers and the launch of the innovative EasyIn system – weather resistant, attractive roof covering
190 490
2012 Appointment of Detlef Neuhaus as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Carsten Bovenschen as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of SOLARWATT AG

Successful  restructuring  within the new  “insolvency protection proceedings under own administration”. SOLARWATT sets new record for speed of a successful restructuring

SOLARWATT presents intelligent system solutions for private households and small business, introduces SOLARWATT Energy Solution to the market
SOLARWATT is the first manufacturer to receive Italian award “innovative integrated roof system” for its “EasyIn” integrated Roof system
81 345
2013 Conversion to a GmbH company, D. Neuhaus and C. Bovenschen become Managing Partners

Cooperation with BMWi in the “360° Electric” division (E-Mobility)

Back on Top client event: 1,000 clients from all over Europe – Presentation of SOLARWATT  PV-Carport System
31 145
2014 Presentation of SOLARWATT EnergyManager

Start of the Premium Partner program

SOLARWATT sponsors the BMW International Open

Start of SOLARWATT’s drive for internationalization:
Acquisition of Centrosolar sales companies in France and Benelux
35 200
2015 Market launch of the MyReserve battery

Expansion of SOLARWATT EnergyManager

Centrosolar France becomes SOLARWATT SARL; Centrosolar BENELUX becomes SOLARWATT BV
50 250
2016 Cooperation with E.ON – Launch of E.ON Aura battery system

e-Wolf acquisition and integration into “SOLARWATT Innovation” technology centre

Incorporation of SOLARWATT Italy & SOLARWATT Australia
65 300
2017 Introduction of the new MyReserve concept

Incorporation of SOLARWATT Spain
70 350

Appointment of  Sven Böhm as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of SOLARWATT GmbH

25th anniversary of SOLARWATT

Production of the five millionth SOLARWATT solar module

90P 380P